Going to Odessa, mainly all tourists seek not only to enjoy a sea holiday, but also to get acquainted with the greatest city. The glory of which had the reputation all over the world. Apart-hotel “Ribas” will make your rest comfortable, as well as the most interesting. What do we offer? While staying in apart-hotel “Ribas” you can not just rest with absolute comfort but will get the opportunity to consider your time in order to go to the beach and to enrich yourself culturally. Our hotel cooperates exclusively with the best experts of Odessa history, wealth of the ancient city and the surrounding lands. Thanks to us you will have a priceless chance:

  • to go on a hiking tour around Odessa patios;
  • to cycle the sights of the city and be able to look into its innermost corners;
  • make a walk along the night streets of Odessa;
  • to have an excursion at famous Privoz;
  • to feel the atmosphere of history of “gang” Odessa.

You can get the invaluable pleasure of spent time. After returning from Odessa, you’ll savor the memories, because this holiday will be like no other holiday spent at sea.