Rooms Apart Hotel Ribas



Free Wi-Fi Heating LCD TV Internet Transfer Soundproofing Own Bathroom
Double bed, king-size Room size - 24м2 View of Odessa courtyard/Deribasovskaya street Mini-kitchen Mini-bar
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from 800₴


Free Wi-Fi Heating LCD TV Internet Transfer Soundproofing Own Bathroom
Double bed, king-size Room size - 18м2 View of Odessa courtyard Mini-bar
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from 700₴

Deluxe with balcony

Free Wi-Fi Heating LCD TV Internet Transfer Soundproofing Own Bathroom
Double bed, king-size Room size - 24м2 View of Deribasovskaya street Balcony Mini-bar
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from 900₴


Free Wi-Fi Heating LCD TV Internet Transfer Soundproofing Own Bathroom
Double bed, king-size Room size - 24м2 View of Deribasovskaya street Mini-bar
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from 800₴
Category 19.12.17 - 28.02.18 28.02.18 - 31.04.18 01.05.18 - 31.06.18
Standard 600 700 800 900 1000 1100
Apartments 650 750 920 1000 1120 1200
Deluxe 700 800 970 1050 1170 1250
Deluxe with balcony 750 850 1050 1150 1250 1350
Room size м2 Windowview Mini-kitchen Mini-bar Balcony Double bed, king-size Free Wi-Fi Heating Soundproofing
Standart 18 of Odessa courtyard
Apartaments 24 of Odessa courtyard or Deribasovskaya street
Delux 24 Deribasovskaya street
Delux with balcony 24 Deribasovskaya street

Hotel prices in Odessa - Ribas

Odessa is one of the largest resort and tourist cities of Ukraine, which in 2016 was visited by over 3 million tourists. In South Palmira, there are hundreds of hotels and hotels that can meet the needs of any customer, differing in quality of service and price policy.

Ribas Apart-Hotel is a part of TOP-10 of the best hotels in Odessa, where the European level of service is provided at an affordable price. Due to this "Ribas" was awarded the Trip Advisor 2016 in the nomination "Choice of holidaymakers", as the most comfortable hotel for a hotel.

Price of hotels in Odessa

The prices for hotels in Odessa directly depend on the class of rooms provided to guests. The number of rooms in our hotel is divided into 4 categories: Standard, Deluxe, Deluxe with balcony.

Important! Often, hotels in Odessa set prices for rooms guided solely by their comfort, so that in the most accessible rooms there are really spartan conditions .

We get accustomed to a different policy - the prices of the Ribas hotels in Odessa are determined on the basis of the area of ​​the rooms, so that even with a limited budget, the client receives all the best. We have even the cheapest rooms equipped with the highest class, they have all the conditions for a comfortable stay - there is air conditioning, plasma TV, private bathroom, safe, mini bar, Wi-Fi.

Hotel in Odessa "Ribas" - the cost of living:

  • Standard - a total area of ​​18 m 2 , the rental price of 650 UAH. The rooms have fresh renovation, modern furniture and household equipment.  
  • Apartment - area 24 m 2 , the rental price from 700 UAH. Spacious rooms with designer renovation and decor, creating an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.
  • Deluxe - area 24 m 2 , the rental price of 700 UAH. Unique interior, improved layout, kitchen niche with all necessary accessories.
  • Deluxe with balcony - area 24 m 2 , rental price from 800 UAH. The room is equipped with an individual balcony overlooking Deribasovskaya Street
Important! Each of the rooms is designed for two people, while children under 12 years old, living in a room with parents without extra beds, are accommodated free of charge.

Comparative price table

Popularity of the hotel "Ribas" among holidaymakers is largely determined by the affordable cost of living. Other hotels in Odessa promote prices by an order higher, while overpay does not always provide the best level of service.

Let's compare the price policy of several hotels of the same level.

Hotel Standard Comfort or Apartment Deluxe or Junior Suite
"Ribas" 650 UAH. 700 UAH. 800 UAH.
Average price in hotels located in the city center 1000 UAH. 1200 UAH. 1400 UAH.
Average price in hotels on the periphery 650 UAH. 800 UAH. 1000 UAH.
Important! Accommodation at the hotel "Ribas" is much cheaper than other hotels in Odessa, whose prices are much higher.

For the cost of living, we can compare our establishment only with hotels outside the center, however we are located in the heart of the city - on Deribasovskaya, and therefore among all hotels in Odessa the prices in our institution are most attractive.

Advantages of Hotel Ribas

Why is one of the best hotels in Odessa - Ribas, sets prices lower than competitors? We are well aware that people who visit South Palmira for recreation or business visits do not plan to spend their time in the hotel room, and often stay there only for the night.

Therefore, a large amount of adjacent infrastructure - SPA-salons, restaurants, fitness clubs on the hotel territory, as well as a lot of additional services, which require significant financial costs affecting the final price of the rooms, they simply do not need.

Instead, we direct our efforts to the fact that the rooms of the "Ribas" apart-hotel were cozy and comfortable, the service - solved all the needs of the guests, and the cost of living was affordable, and fully justified each hryvnia spent by the client. This is why Ribas is the best priced Odessa hotel.